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Download Full CLient 16GB


Download Full CLient 16GB



How do you install the game?

1. Download the installer

2. Start The Installer

3. Launch The Game

You can download the Global Talesrunner Installer above.

Start the installation process and make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

Launch The Game and the proceed with character creation.

Global Talesrunner a racing game where your favorite fairy tales come to life.

In this casual fantasy and racing MMO game, you can compete by running, jumping, dashing, skiing and climbing across different magical fairy tale settings. Ace though various racing maps in an effort to finish the map and collect TR, EXP points, Alchemy Cards, and many more items. There is a variety of map styles ranging from training maps resembling sports facilities, fantasy maps themed around fairy tales stories that we all love, or survival races with monsters to conquer.

Alchemy allows players to create new items by combining various cards obtained via racing with items bought in shops. The alchemy system also supports upgrading lower level equipment to a higher level. Each alchemy item supports a different stat, and is able to increase that stat. Players in Tales Runner can have couples, marriages, and family.

Achievements are small tasks which player can accomplish while playing the game like racing a number of races, Completing an achievement is rewarded with emblems and more.

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